New Research Proves the Business Case for Product Giving?Get Your Copy Today!

Report Provides Companies with a Framework for Analyzing Costs, Benefits, Risks and Opportunities

New research from Indiana University concludes that businesses can do well by doing good through product philanthropy.? Donating products to charities helps corporate bottom lines, reduces waste in landfills, and provides relief for people in need. The study, released in January 2012 by Indiana University?s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), provides the first detailed examination of the return on investment for donating inventory as opposed to liquidating or destroying it. Good360, a nonprofit that has worked in product philanthropy for almost 30 years, approached the School of Public and Environmental Affairs last year to do the study.

Findings include:

???Product giving presents a considerable financial advantage over cash donations because it can carry an enhanced tax deduction.
???Product donations can provide the same image enhancement benefits as marketing and advertising programs and at a lower cost.
???Companies that engage in product philanthropy avoid fees and negative branding implications associated with disposal of excess inventory.
???Product donation is superior to liquidation in most circumstances, and the report provides a rule of thumb for companies wishing to make quick comparisons.

In addition to providing an economic justification for retailers, manufacturers and distributors to donate excess inventory, the report gives managers a framework for analyzing the costs, benefits, risks, and opportunities of implementing a product philanthropy program.

For companies interested in donating inventory now, please either go to or contact Doyle Delph at or (703) 299-7532.?For companies interested in designing strategic product giving programs, please contact Kelly McSween at or (703) 299-7538.

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